Ice Water and Metabolism

Did you know that something as simple as

ice water

can boost your metabolism.

The theory is that the body

has to work

(burn calories)

to raise the temperature of the ice water

up to the normal temperature

of the human body.

It’s one of the benefits

and side-effects of being human.

Do you have any friends?

I bet they are human, right?



And when your metabolism reaches normal speed again..

.it can burn off food it’s not burning now

to reduce your/our weight.

or just take the easy way out and get a really expensive

intelligent dog and train them really well and run around

the block with them every day…Would you like a dog?

Actually, if you get yourself a Border Collie then you

should be warned that even 2 HOURS of exercise a day is

NOT enough for them.


Thank goodness for treadmills!